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When we think of Pride Month, the first image that typically comes to mind is the classic rainbow flag. The original rainbow pride flag was designed by Gilbert Baker in at the request of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in California. Gilbert chose the rainbow as it represents a symbol of hope. In this version, the pink and turquoise were excluded from the flag so it would be easier to mass-produce. While the designer is unknown, the flag represents the crossings of the Black and queer communities in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter BLM movement. Created in by Monica Helms, according to Pride , an online publication dedicated to queer pop culture and entertainment, the pattern on the flag was created in a way that no matter how you fly the flag, it will always be correct. Blue: represents boys; Pink: represents girls; White: represents those who are transitioning, have no gender, or are gender-neutral. Many now use this as the symbol of Pride Month. Since bisexuality comes in many forms, the colors on this flag are meant to symbolize the different types of attraction that exist. According to Pride , Michael Page, the flag creator, wanted to create something bisexual people feel a connection to. Magenta: same-sex attraction; Royal blue: opposite-sex attraction; Lavender: attraction to both sexes. This flag originally had a red lipstick kiss mark on it; however, over time this version was phased out and a new iteration was introduced with orange stripes to represent those that are gender nonconforming. Dark orange: gender nonconformity; Mid orange: independence; Light orange: community; White: unique relationships to womanhood; Light pink: serenity and peace; Middle pink: love and sex; Dark pink: femininity. Intersex is defined as those whose bodies do not align with the gender binaries of males or females.

Gay-Marriage Symbol Goes Viral

The Human Rights Campaign uses a simple equal sign to make its case for marriage equality, and that approach has gone viral. Many people recently used the symbol as their personal profile picture on Facebook while the Supreme Court was hearing arguments about same-sex marriage. The popularity of the logo certainly shows widespread support for gay rights, but I don't think it makes a case for change. To understand the importance of persuasion in achieving social justice, let's go back 50 years ago this week. The civil rights leader wrote his letter on the margins of a newspaper , bits and pieces of which were secreted out by his lawyers. King's letter was in response to eight white Alabama clergymen who had called King's efforts " unwise and untimely. They also questioned the timing of the protests, wanting King to wait and see whether a new city administration would improve conditions for blacks. King responded that blacks had already been waiting more than years for their "constitutional and God-given rights. A similar case is being made by advocates of same-sex marriage today. But King did not settle for simply displaying a symbol to carry the day.

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FIFA ranking of men's national soccer teams in Latin America and the Caribbean as of December ; Mexico, 1, ; Uruguay, 1, List of top-division football clubs in CONMEBOL countries The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) is the administrative and controlling body for. Football is considered one of the greatest sports in South America. and Latin American football as a whole, when a South African team played a series. Argentina · Bolivia · Brazil · Chile · Colombia · Ecuador · Paraguay · Peru. Palmeiras from Brazil is the continent's best football / soccer team in South America today. The second place is occupied by Flamengo.

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What is the main reason for the superiority of European and South American national soccer teams over Asian teams? Juniors · l · ras · Plate · a · ndiente · hians · acional. Vic on Why is Soccer Less Popular in the U.S.? BIJI Stephen on Faith on the Brazilian Football team; Jim on FIFA Referees and the World Cup Selection Process. In total, the study covers 79 clubs and 2, footballers. 2. Number of players used. On average, the teams studied used players during domestic league. The World Cup is an international soccer championship that is played every four years. Thirty-two soccer teams from different countries compete against each.

This impacted the attitudes toward soccer in Brazil and their players, but pushed the team even harder for the World Cup. They used the latest scientific. The last South American team to win the trophy was Brazil back in "In South America, football is not as advanced as in Europe, that's why. The FIFA World Ranking is a ranking system for men's national teams in association football, currently led by Argentina. The teams of the member nations of. South American Clubs Team Logos · Alianza Lima · Arsenal de Sandi · Atletico Mineiro · Bahia · Boca Juniors · Botafogo · Club Bolivar · Colo-Colo. Mbappe speaks on the difference between South American and European football. Image. PM · May 24, · 1, Retweets · Quote Tweets.

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Econyl is a regenerated nylon fabric first produced by Italian textile manufacturer Aquafil in It's an innovative material that encourages sustainability in the global textile and apparel industry. Econyl is an environmentally friendly recycled nylon 6 fiber manufactured exclusively from regenerated raw materials such as fabric scraps, carpet flooring, fishing nets, industrial plastic, ocean, and landfill waste. Traditionally, nylon is a synthetic textile made of petroleum-based plastic polymers. It's a very versatile material used in many different applications today, including clothing fabrics in the fashion industry. Nylon, also called polyamide , is one of the most popular and widely used synthetic fabrics next to polyester. It's very cheap to produce compared to natural fibers but isn't the most environmentally friendly. Global nylon production keeps increasing and has a catastrophic impact on people, animals, and the planet. Many textiles used in the fashion industry aren't eco-friendly or sustainable. The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters globally, mostly due to the lack of innovation to make fabrics more environmentally friendly. Only a very small fraction of the resources used by the global textile and apparel industry are renewable. And only very few fashion brands and designers use recycled fabrics made of regenerated fibers. Fortunately, nylon is almost infinitely recyclable. It can be recycled, recreated, remolded, and become brand new again to create new products without having to use new resources. Aquafil has over 30 years of experience in nylon recycling which led to the development of the Econyl closed-loop process in

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How to replace fabrics made from polyester, nylon, and other synthetic fibres with biodegradable or recycled options to optimise sustainability. The first synthetic fibres, in a long history of textile and clothing, were only invented in the 30s and 40s. American company Expensive Pantyhose Recycle Them invented nylon inand two scientists working for the Calico Printers' Association a British textile company founded in and based in Manchester created polyester in Unlike manmade natural fibres, which derive from natural components like plants such as cotton and linen or animals wool, leather, silk and are inherently biodegradable; polyester, nylon, and other synthetic fibres are petroleum-based, which makes them stronger -- amongst other profitable qualities. Their popularity, however, is proving to have damaging consequences for the planet, and though it might sound challenging, there are plenty of sustainable options to Expensive Pantyhose Recycle Them from if we want to keep both the environment and the industry healthy. Starting with recycled fibres might be a good idea. The prediction is for that market share to rise even further. PCI Fibres calculates that by polyester might have a demand of 70 millions of tons, and other -- more pessimistic -- statistics believe that number to reach 90 millions of tons, significantly growing faster than all other fibre types. That parcel of the market and its steady increase, however, represent a well-known peril for the environment: not only synthetic fibres have a larger carbon-print, they also require harmful dyes most of the times, and release microplastic particles through washing that are rapidly accumulating in the ocean. Being synthetic, they are not biodegradable and contaminate not only the Expensive Pantyhose Recycle Them but the wildlife. But what exactly are the types of Expensive Pantyhose Recycle Them fabrics?

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It is even harder and more expensive than the polyester process. On top of that, garment-to-garment recycling is still not practical, meaning we. It's been five years since Katherine Homuth, then 26, decided to manufacture sheer tights that didn't run. She thought it would be. The story has it all: friendship, women artists, and me learning a new skill. Verdict: % a good idea. *. Swedish Stockings, recycling the. Pantyhose have even been recycled in the arts and crafts industry, where they are cut up and stuffed with fiberfill to become the arms and legs of dolls and. Environmental effect, incineration, and recyclingEdit · All nylons are susceptible to · The average · Data published by PlasticsEurope indicates for nylon 66 a. There is no brand that satisfied them and what's more, it's expensive,” she recalls. “It's the problem of all women: we always have tights that. I often take a pair of pantyhose I've never tried before and run it Which is the most expensive pantyhose/stockings brand in the market nowadays?

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